Network Catalyst Program

Become part of the newest and most helpful network in Silicon Valley and supercharge your company with an intensive 3-month experience.

Physical or Digital

Designed to get you focused on building your business and expanding your network. Feel free to relocate to the Bay Area for the duration of the program and take advantage of our exclusive events – or stay engaged online.

Brain Trust

When you join Fast Track, we assign you a personalized “Brain Trust” of advisors who’re always up for a video call. These mentors broker introductions and give advice relevant to your challenges and goals.

Showcase Day

The experience culminates in an elite showcase day of targeted 1 : 1 pitch meetings with top investors. No more generic Demo Days – make lifelong connections with stakeholders that care about your growth.


Village’s commitment is an investment of $120,000 in your company in exchange for 7% ownership.

We accept applications from early-stage companies.

Anywhere in the world, across all categories.