Village helps promising founders get their ideas off the ground. We invest in early-stage tech startups primarily through our unique network of venture partners around the world.

Early Stage Investing

Our network identifies pre-seed and seed stage founders and we back them with connected capital. If you aren’t already in touch with a Village network leader, we’re always happy to hear directly from founders with big ideas.

What We Invest In

We seek entrepreneurs who are using software & IT to transform global industries. This could be a health-tech company in New York, an agtech startup in Palo Alto, a fintech startup in London, or a cybersecurity company in Singapore. Broad, yes. Innovation is everywhere, and software is transforming every industry.
Rather than focus on a specific niche or theme, our network leaders support unbelievably persistent tech entrepreneurs and their passions for changing the world – wherever those passions lead them.
We invest early. We love being the first money in. Pre-seed and seed stage are our sweet spots; then, we’re here to follow-on and connect you with other investors as you grow.
With Village, you get connected capital: access to potential hires, customers, partners and follow-on investors.  When it comes to reaching the right people at inflection points in your business, the Village network gives you an advantage. That’s how we strive to add value.

Why a Network

Networks are known for speed and adaptability. These are good attributes for founders, and should be for their investors, too. Networks are in Village’s DNA — from how we invest, to how we support founders.
One of the unique ways we operate is that we entrust successful angel investors and inspirational founders with capital to invest on behalf of Village. These folks are often the first call for early stage entrepreneurs.  Decentralizing some decision-making to these “go to” people means today’s founders can get fast fundraising decisions from folks they know and trust.  
This networked model can discover hidden-gem entrepreneurs. Village network leaders — representing different backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, geographies, and sectors — have proximity to founders, including those who might go underestimated and who, like virtually all founders, could benefit from an extended network.  We’re constructing a far-reaching network to serve the brightest leaders of tomorrow no matter what they look like or where they’re from.
Pushing decision-making to the edges of networks identifies promising talent and technologies earlier, as they emerge.