Network Catalyst is an intensive, customized experience to activate the Village Global network for you. Whether you’re just forming your business or have achieved product-market-fit and are generating revenue, Network Catalyst might be a fit for you. If you think you’ll benefit from Network Catalyst please submit your company for our review. Here’s a brief overview of the program:

Personalized, not programmatic: After understanding your priorities, we assemble a “brain trust” tailored to your business needs.  This highly curated group provides you mentorship and introduces customers, partners, prospective hires, and investors.

Connections, not content: We’re all about providing access – connections to talent, customers, and investors.  We do not emphasize structured “content” about entrepreneurship. We assume you’re already knowledgeable and dialed in. Instead, we focus on catalyzing your network across three dimensions:

  1. Talent: Tap a pipeline of candidates intent on joining high potential early stage startups
  2. Customers: Leverage Village network and luminaries to open doors
  3. Investors: Create your financing strategy with our help and get warm, customized introductions. We pitch with you.

Virtual & flexible: You are welcome to move to San Francisco for this program, but it’s not required. We host many hiring forums, exclusive networking events, and investor meetups throughout the year. You can choose to participate in ones that match your needs and business timeline. In the interim, our online community and virtual office hours keep you connected. There is no set application deadline.

Priority access: Companies in Network Catalyst get priority access from Village’s network leaders, luminaries, and HQ staff.

Similar to other efforts, Network Catalyst companies receive an investment of $120,000 USD in exchange for 7% equity. Unlike other efforts, this program is entirely focused on activating the Village network to help you develop the relationships that will accelerate learning and growth for your startup.

Here’s what a few founders say about the program:

“I really think of Village Global as a Cofounder at Keyo. We’ve ideated, strategized and built this business from the ground up together in under 3 months. Couldn’t have done it without this team. The pace of play is astonishing.”
— Kiran Bellubbi, Founder, Keyo

“Think of the person that’s been the most helpful in your professional and personal orbit. Now imagine there’s 5 of those folks helping you through your early stage growth. That’s what it feels like. And yes, you get to meet and discuss your ideas with luminaries such as Reid Hoffman and Sara Blakely. I had raised from top firms already, but knew I wanted the Village Global Network”
— Seth Goldstein, serial entrepreneur (, Founder, Glamcam

“Village Global helped me hire my co-founder, close sales leads, and introduced me to everyone in my $1m round, full-stop, including two key advisors, one very high up at Genentech ”
— Jo Varshney, PhD, Co-founder, VeriSIM

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