What kind of startup is right for Network Catalyst?

  • Formation stage companies
  • Venture scale opportunities with founders out to create big, game-changing companies
  • Startups using software and IT to transform or create global industries
  • Located anywhere in the world
    • Founders don’t need to move to San Francisco to participate. They can participate virtually, or come to SF just for the kickoff and/or the end of the program.

What are the benefits of Network Catalyst for founders?

  • 12 weeks of intensive, personalized support to grow your business
  • Weekly mentorship from a sector expert matched to you and your business (1:1 ratio)
  • Warm introductions to investors
  • Connections to potential customers and/or hires
  • Community of peer founders and startup veterans
  • $150,000 invested on a SAFE converting to 7% ownership

How are companies selected?

  • The founder(s), the opportunity, and the references you include in the application are important selection criteria. We review each application and will contact you if a conversation is a good next step.

When are selected companies notified that they can participate in Network Catalyst?

  • Founders will be notified on Monday, May 6, 2019.

Can I participate virtually?

  • Yes. You can participate in Network Catalyst 100% virtually, or attend in-person in San Francisco for all or part of this program that runs from May 14 – July 30, 2019.