Join the accelerator customized to you.

Village Global Accelerator is the elite program for early stage founders.

Build a more valuable, robust, and resilient business faster.

Backed by:

Applications are open year-round, get funding and support immediately

10 week vintage begins

Great businesses don’t just spring up, they’re discovered through iteration and forged in adversity.

Village Global Accelerator sharpens your focus, speeds up your learning, and helps you avoid pitfalls.

What Founders Get

Dedicated Advisor

We work with you to identify the right sector or functional expert to serve as your advisor. You begin working with your advisor immediately upon acceptance into the accelerator to focus and execute against the milestones that matter. Past advisors have included the Director of OpenAI, the Author of Blitzscaling, Head of Product at Automattic and more.

Just-In-Time Answers

Your dedicated advisor, fundraising support team, and our extended network are ready to jump into gear and help you along your entrepreneurial journey. Blocked or running into problems? We get you the help you need, when you need it. No fluff included.


This isn’t about demo day: Fundraising is not a one-size-fits all game. We work closely with you to ensure we bring the best possible investors and angels into your corner. From deck design to practice pitches to identifying and introducing you to top investors, you’re in good hands.


We keep your vintage small while giving you access to our extended community of founders. Get camaraderie from founders at your stage while learning from those several steps ahead. Expand your network via our small group events with fellow founders, in tell-alls with tier 1 investors, and masterclasses with our luminaries like Sara Blakely, Reid Hoffman, Bob Iger, Eric Ries, Ev Williams, Anne Wojcicki, and more.

$125,000 in funding
for 7% equity.

With more in follow-on funding in your first priced round.

Down to the Details

Terms: $125K for 7% ownership on a SAFE.

Rolling Applications: Applications are reviewed and accepted year-round. Upon acceptance, we wire funds, match you with a dedicated advisor, and activate our network to supercharge you in reaching your goals. Several times a year, accelerator founders are grouped into vintages for the 10 week program.

Your Vintage

We fund you immediately and we identify an advisor shortly after we accept your application. You join other founders during the next cohort for community events and programs. The next one kicks off September 13th and lasts 10 weeks.

A sample week during the vintage program looks something like:

Advisor meeting: Meet with your advisor to check in and unblock hurdles. Advisors have “been there, done that.” They help you see around corners, avoid pitfalls, and get closer to customers faster.

Fundraising check-ins: Practice your pitch as we work together to narrow down your list of Tier 1 target investors.

Founder Forum: Gather with founders in the vintage and Village Global HQ team members to compare notes on company-building and stay accountable.  Overcome challenges with support from peers who have ingenuity and emphathy. 

Expert answers: Get answers just-in-time to your core questions. Improve your sales demo, upgrade your onboarding flows, level-up your pitch deck, and more from top experts in growth, product, marketing, branding, and more.

“If you don’t have a plan, everything looks like progress.”

Your custom milestone plan crystalizes your goals and hypotheses as a business. Make achieving your objectives more likely; identifying risks makes addressing them easier. Receive input from those who  have built big, successful businesses.

Your Fundraising Journey: Angels and VCs

Fundraising should happen when you are ready for it, and we work with you to decide the best time to fundraise. This may be at the start of the accelerator, at the end, or months later– we are here for you whenever the timing is right for the company. Maximize not only the dollar amount fundraised, but also the terms and quality of investors. Set yourself up for long term success.

Founder Praise

“Love having Village Global involved. Overall, huge success and 10X better than other comparable programs that I’ve been a part of. We have so much more momentum and connections to pursue.”

“Love having Village Global involved. Overall, huge success and 10X better than other comparable programs that I’ve been a part of. We have so much more momentum and connections to pursue.”

“Village Global helped me hire my co-founder, close sales leads, and introduced me to everyone in my $1M round, full-stop, including two key advisors, one very high up at Genentech.”

“The main decision point was the personalization — not being put in with a hundred other companies and going through a less tailored program.”

“For me, the definition of success was to land key people as my advisors, find a co-founder, and have a vested network in San Francisco I could leverage. Since joining Village Global all those things are coming to fruition.”

Follow-on Investors

Alumni have grown fast and raised follow-on financing from world-class venture capital firms.

Masterclass Speakers

Every vintage, we welcome some of the top investors and operators to speak with our companies.

Reid Hoffman
Founder, LinkedIn
Vivek Sodera
Co-Founder, Superhuman
Sarah Tavel
Partner, Benchmark
John Donahoe
CEO, Nike
Mike Vernal
Partner, Sequoia
Sarah Guo
Partner, Greylock
Stephanie Zhan
Partner, Sequoia
Ann Miura-Ko
Partner, Floodgate
Eric Ries
Author, The Lean Startup

Village Global Luminaries

Our luminaries back Village Global with their time, energy, and money.

Sara Blakely
Founder, Spanx

“I love being an entrepreneur and I love supporting fellow entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of our country, and especially as a woman, I’m grateful for the opportunities. I’m excited to be a part of Village.”

Mike Bloomberg
Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

“Most entrepreneurs are – to one extent or another – flying blind. That can be exciting but also lead to avoidable crashes. Village aims to help a new generation of entrepreneurs overcome challenges no degree or training can prepare them for.”

Reid Hoffman
Founder, LinkedIn

“I think Village’s innovative structure as a seed fund will lead to many interesting teams securing their first round of funding, and will improve the quality and quantity of companies that connect with major venture firms for their Series A & beyond.”


What kind of startup is right for the Village Global Accelerator?

  • Founders out to create big, game-changing companies
  • Sector agnostic, but most focused on startups using software
  • We invest globally

How do rolling applications work?

Village Global is always reviewing and accepting applications. If accepted you get immediate funding and an advisor pairing. You also will be able to access Village Global resources, like our founder community, events, and discounts, before the next accelerator vintage starts.

How do the deadlines work?

  • Rolling Applications: apply year round, receive funding and support immediately upon acceptance.
  • Early Deadline: priority placement into the upcoming founder group (vintage).
  • Final Deadline: last day to apply to join the upcoming founder group (vintage). Applying after the final deadline will still let you receive funding and support immediately, and you will be placed in the following vintage.

What questions are on the application?

Can I use my application from another accelerator?

Yes, you can apply by sending your full application to any other accelerator program to

Once I have applied, what can I expect as next steps?

If we think you may be a fit for the program, we’ll reach out via email to set up a time for an interview. We strive to review all applications within two weeks of submission.

How are companies selected?

We review applications throughout the year as they come in and aim to respond to founders within two weeks.

The founder(s), the opportunity, and the references you include in the application are important selection criteria. After reviewing your application, we will contact you for an interview via Zoom if you move to the next round of the process.

Will it be held virtually?

The next vintage will kick off in-person in September. It is not mandatory to join and anyone can do the Village Global Accelerator virtually for the entire program.

Given the dynamic situation caused by the pandemic, we are prepared to move to an all-virtual program if necessary. We will communicate this to participants and applicants if that becomes the case.