We believe no founder can change the world alone.

From intimate conversations with luminary LPs like Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt, to multi-day founder retreats, we cultivate a community of shared success among fellow entrepreneurs and investors.

Below are some of the transformative experiences our founders enjoy.

Luminary LP Retreats

At our luminary LP retreat, The Grove, we bring together some of our luminary LPs with the next wave of tech industry titans. Organized in partnership with Reid Hoffman, The Grove is about community and connection between some of the most successful entrepreneurs of today, and the next generation of unicorn CEOs.

“The Grove was one of, if not the, best of these types of events that I’ve been to. The people in attendance were extraordinary; the scale was just right to promote comradery; the setting was beautiful and the Village team was phenomenal in making everyone feel welcome and appreciated.”

Chris Urmson
CEO, Aurora


In our masterclass series, founders and Network Leaders are exposed to world-class CEOs and operators in an intimate, participatory format. We bring together some of tech’s most effective CEOs like John Donahoe and Julia Hartz to share their wisdom on themes like lean startup methodology, blitzscaling, building an authentic culture, and developing your most talented employees.

“I’ve been to a lot of events where there is a guest of honor and I can sincerely say this was by far the best. Your focus on knowledge sharing, encouraging other people to prepare in advance, the intimate nature of the venue, how you (Ben) led the group through the mindquakes — it was truly a masterclass in holding this type of event.”

Ryan Caldbeck
CEO, Circle Up

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