Announcing Lessons From Luminaries

One of the unique ways we provide value to early-stage entrepreneurs is by facilitating access to our Luminary LPs. We’re delighted to have leaders like Reid Hoffman, Sara Blakely, Abby Johnson, and Ben Silbermann in our corner to help founders solve problems and build businesses. In addition to their money, our LPs back Village with their time, energy and expertise in order to help our network grow.

We recently hosted a series of private events with these luminaries for our founders and Network Leaders. We wanted to share some of the insights from those conversations more widely. That’s why we’re launching a new video series called “Lessons From Luminaries.”

We’re starting with insights from Ben, Reid, Sara, and Kat who have all recently spent time meeting our founders at exclusive Village Global events.

Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn, Partner at Greylock and Village Global LP, discusses:

Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx and Village Global LP, discusses:

Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest and Village Global LP, discusses:

And Kat Cole, COO and President of North America at Focus Brands, discusses:

We look forward to sharing more official Lessons From Luminaires through content and upcoming events.

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