The Grove – Year 3

At Village Global, we’re honored to be backed by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs — luminary LPs whose personal capital, brands, and time underpin the Village network.

Each year we bring together Village luminaries and a few dozen of the next wave of industry titans for a series of intimate conversations about how to scale world-changing businesses. We call this gathering The Grove, inspired by California’s Redwoods who withstand the elements by living in groves where their roots intertwine. We also convene some of the most amazing women in tech for a parallel gathering called The Grove xx.

Here are some photos for The Grove ‘22:

Reid Hoffman and Euan Blair
Wade Foster, Jack Altman, Sam Altman
Samuel Adeyemo
Amjad Masad and Reid Hoffman
Julie Hanna and Mada Seghete
Tekedra Mawakana and Wade Foster
A lively discussion at The Grove xx
Ashwini Zenooz, Michelle Davey, Fidji Simo, and Andrew Feldman

See more photos from The Grove and The Grove xx on Flickr.

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