Village Global 2018 Founder Retreat

In October of last year, we gathered 70+ Village Global portfolio founders and network leaders at the edge of Yosemite National Park for an exclusive 3-day retreat. Many of our portfolio CEOs flew in from around the world to join us for a series of intimate sessions and activities to recharge, reflect, connect, and grow.

From late night conversations on how to accelerate our businesses to early morning meditation and massages, we tried to facilitate an unforgettable experience for our founders.

Below is a 2-minute short film + a series of select photos recapping our retreat.

Village Global portfolio founders discussing how to start, scale, and sell a venture-backable business
Startups and stargazing. Lewis Gyson, Village Global portfolio CEO, conquering Yosemite during a late night trip to the national park.
Portfolio founders seeing the Yosemite sunrise.
Village Global session tents underneath the Sierra Meadows sky.
Village Global main campsite during the retreat.

You can see more photos of our founders, network leaders, and retreat here.

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