Village Global Backs Nano Funds

Village Global is a network-native venture firm. We partner — deeply — with a small group of angels, operators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders who help us source, select, and support the next wave of incredible founders we invest in.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re adding another node to the Village network: GPs of small pre-seed and seed stage venture funds.

We’ve raised a dedicated pool of capital to act as an LP backing some of the best nano venture funds in the world.

While much attention has been given to the proliferation of large funds over the past few years, there is enormous opportunity for smaller, micro-funds to identify and bring capital to nascent startups in new markets.

We call the funds we invest in “Network Funds.” We’re excited to support their underlying portfolios of companies and to invest directly in some of those companies alongside our managers.

By linking arms more deeply with some of our favorite pre-seed and seed stage GPs through a dedicated practice, we believe we will increase the overall value of the Village network for all of the founders and angels we’ve worked so closely with the past five years.

Are you raising a venture fund that’s roughly under ~$50 million in size? Drop us a note and tell us more. We’d love to connect and see if it’s a fit.

Are you an amazing entrepreneur working on a big idea?