Village Global II


A few years ago, we founded Village Global to create a network-driven venture firm, with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs as LPs, and some of the world’s most helpful operator angels as scouts.

The aim was to support founders with an extended network by connecting them with peers at the same stage, folks a few steps ahead in company building, as well as the industry icons who’ve scaled companies globally.

It’s still early days, but the flywheel is spinning, we’ve backed 200+ founding teams, and we’re now investing out of a fresh $125 million Village Global Fund II.

We’re really grateful for all the portfolio entrepreneurs, luminary LPs, and Network Leaders who’ve helped build the Village community.

We’ve been especially inspired at the way our founders have helped each other hire, sell, scale, and fundraise. (Especially fundraise: Village companies have collectively raised over $1.5 billion in venture capital after our investment!)

With tremendous gratitude and excitement,

Ben, Anne, Erik and the entire Village Global HQ Team

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