The Rackhouse + Village Global EIR Program

Six month EIR program to hatch the next great business in enterprise, AI, and data science.

What You Get

  • Six months cash stipend to quit your job and focus full-time on writing the next chapter of your story
  • Navigate the idea maze alongside data scientists, sector experts, fellow founders, and exceptional operators 
  • Find and vet co-founders and early teammates with the help of a global network
  • When your idea is formed, be fast tracked for a $1 million pre-seed round co-led by Rackhouse and Village Global

About Us

Kevin Novak and Rackhouse Ventures focuses on founders that sit at the intersection of AI/ML and the real world. He served as Uber’s first Head of Data Science Platform, and was one of the early members of Uber Freight (Uber’s innovative freight marketplace). Kevin was the inventor of Uber’s dynamic pricing product, and holds several patents around GPS points processing, marketplace optimization products, and using data science to improve the mobile experience.

Village Global is an early stage venture capital firm backed by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos. When you join Village Global, you:

- Access a braintrust of hundreds of other founders working on similar challenges
- Get help from experts on hiring early employees, landing your first customers, and getting to product-market-fit
- Leverage white-glove support, intros, and back channeling when raising your next round of funding from top Silicon Valley VCs

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