Liz Factor

Liz is Executive Assistant at Village Global.

She worked in higher education with the undergraduate engineering team that built the electric vehicle which currently holds the world land speed record in the EV category.

She worked at a non-profit advocating for environmental conservation in the Great Lakes region.

She lived in the south of France for four years where she was partner at a public relations and communications agency. She worked on projects around the world, primarily on marine science and sci-comm initiatives.

She has also worked in government at the Ohio Department of Commerce, went to culinary school, and was a corporate research and development chef.

Q&A with Liz

What’s the common thread that runs through your career?

Exploring and evaluating varied industries and businesses. I’m adept at gathering knowledge from disparate resources, sifting through it all, and distilling it into the best, most usable process. If I can’t help improve where I am, I’m going to at least change the scenery and background noise.

What’s one of your superpowers?

I see myself in soft lighting and at my best angle, and I see everyone else that way, too. I’ve never been bothered by anyone’s dark side.

A book you commonly gift to people?

I gift books that act as gateway drugs to my favorite authors. Some, but not all of which are: Gore Vidal, Shalom Auslander, Barbara Kingsolver, Mary Karr, Augusten Burroughs.

In your spare time?

I love to travel, often alone. I love flower gardening and riding motorcycles and skateboards. I’m obsessed with islands. I paint old ladies’ nails at any senior living facility that will allow it, which is a selfish endeavor as I really enjoy listening to other people’s life stories.

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