Adam Corey

Adam is the Operating Partner at Village Global.

He was a Partner at QueensBridge Venture Partners and was Head of Investor Relations at 500 Startups. Before that, he was part of the founding team at SharesPost (now Forge) and led Business Development and Strategy at Evite.

Q&A with Adam

What’s the common thread that runs through your career?

I’ve always been external-facing in my roles, starting with my first job working the counter at a baseball card shop at the age of 12, through other retail experiences, to corporate business development and investor relations roles.

When interacting with internal parties all interests should largely be aligned to what’s right for the company. When dealing with external parties, competing interests are often more pronounced without that common goal. Finding the balance between company and external interests and thinking about the short-term and long-term impact of decisions made when partnering with someone are challenges I’ve embraced throughout my career.

What’s one of your superpowers?

I have a knack for numbers and find it valuable to try and “see around the corner” in thinking through financial ramifications of decisions.

A book you commonly gift to people?

Freakonomics. Incentives matter and can backfire if they aren’t structured properly. The book provides entertaining ways of conveying how the wrong structure can work against you.

In your spare time?

You can find me rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers, golfing with friends, or going to a concert.

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