Erik Torenberg

Erik is Partner at Village Global.

Prior to co-founding Village Global in 2017, Erik started or was a founding team member of, Product Hunt, and On Deck, where he remains Chairman.

Q&A with Erik

What’s the common thread that runs through your career?

Empowering founders at scale. Via Product Hunt, On Deck, and Village Global, I’ve aimed to build institutions that help founders access distribution, talent, and capital.

What’s one of your superpowers?

Putting people in business and building long-term relationships with them. One of my favorite things is finding people who are great and unknown — high aptitude, low credential — and amplifying, connecting, and working with them.

A book you commonly gift to people?

Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon. I try to keep my Goodreads up to date as well.

In your spare time?

I’m a big reader and podcast listener; I enjoy anything that keeps my mind stimulated.

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